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Posted by Editor on Sat 08 June 2019

Welcome to ancient Baghdad, and the home of the Wazir, his two daughters, and servant, Ali Oopla. At his master's every beck and call, Ali regularly finds himself running around in hairy entanglements with those far richer than his master, from merchant traders to the Caliph, and even some of the richest men in the world. More often than not, those entanglements involve the Wazir's daughters: the naïve but sweet Saccharine; and Boobiana and her two beauties. If Ali's not careful, he could find himself on a slow roast!

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1973-01-25

Whoops Baghdad - Then Churchill Said to Me - Netflix

Then Churchill Said to Me is a television comedy series starring Frankie Howerd and Nicholas Courtney. Made in 1982, the series was not screened until 1993.

Whoops Baghdad - Transmission and commercial release - Netflix

The series was made in 1982 but was not shown at the time due to the outbreak of the Falklands War. The programme was deemed unsuitable for transmission owing to its setting. It was first broadcast by the satellite channel UK Gold in 1993, and was finally broadcast on BBC Two in 2000. All six episodes were released by the BBC on VHS in 1993 and subsequently on DVD, on its own in July 2006 and as part of a Frankie Howerd box-set in October 2006, which also included Up Pompeii! (which never got its own individual DVD release) and a previously-released compilation of Howerd's best moments including clips and interview material.

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