Villainous - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Wed 12 June 2019

Villainous is a Mexican cartoon that aired 10 short episodes in 2017, primarily for the "Cartoon Network Everything" app, with more likely coming in the future. The show follows Black Hat, his scientist Dr. Flug, his biggest fan Demencia, and a failed experiment named 5.0.5. as he attempts to develop evil products to sell to other villains through the Black Hat Organization.

Villainous - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 1 minutes

Premier: 2017-05-15

Villainous - H.I.V.E. (series) - Netflix

H.I.V.E. (short for The Higher Institute of Villainous Education) is a series of young adult fiction novels by Mark Walden.

Villainous - Zero Hour - Netflix

Overlord has developed the power to move from body to body, if the body has been exposed to Animus. New machines have been developed but the first glimpse to the public brings terror as Overlord takes control of the facility (an Advanced Weapons facility in Colorado). He uses self-replicating Nanites which, if released will cause everyone to be a slave of Overlord. Then Raven is exposed to Animus. The four, along with Lucy, Nigel, Franz, Nero and Prof. Pike flee to the Megalodon, an enormous submarine that belongs to Darkdoom. The battle is nearing the end, and The Disciples, followers of Overlord, are winning. Nero and Darkdoom must call into action their final effort - Zero Hour, in a desperate battle to the death. Zero Hour involves all the most successful ex-Alphas, each out-fitted with brand-new machinery and gadgets. They have to fight, and Lucy ends up dying, in a sacrifice for Otto. She tells him, “There always has to be a choice.” The heroes survive, and it is obvious that Overlord is no more, but the organization that supports him is still very much there (the Disciples). Nero disbands the ruling council of G.L.O.V.E, telling them that they are a part of a “By-gone era”.

Villainous - References - Netflix