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Posted by Editor on Wed 19 June 2019

Two in Clover is an ITV sitcom about Sid and Vic, who are frustrated London office workers. When they finally snap and quit their jobs in sensational style, the pair decide to return to the simple country life by buying a farm....

Two in Clover - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1969-02-18

Two in Clover - Clover - Netflix

Clover or trefoil are common names for plants of the genus Trifolium (Latin, tres “three” + folium “leaf”), consisting of about 300 species of plants in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution; the highest diversity is found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, but many species also occur in South America and Africa, including at high altitudes on mountains in the tropics. They are small annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial herbaceous plants. Clover can be evergreen. The leaves are trifoliate (rarely quatrefoiled (Four-leaf clover), cinquefoil, or septfoil), with stipules adnate to the leaf-stalk, and heads or dense spikes of small red, purple, white, or yellow flowers; the small, few-seeded pods are enclosed in the calyx. Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus (sweet clover) and Medicago (alfalfa or Calvary clover).

Two in Clover - Selected species - Netflix

The genus Trifolium currently has 245 recognized species:

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