The Julekalender - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Sun 02 June 2019

The Julekalender - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 1994-12-01

The Julekalender - The Julekalender (Norwegian TV series) - Netflix

Note that this is an article about the 1994 Norwegian remake of the original. See The Julekalender for information about the original Danish series, or The Joulukalenteri for the Finnish remake. The Julekalender (Christmas calendar) is a Norwegian Christmas season television series produced by and starring Travellin' Strawberrys (Ivar Gafseth, Tore Johansen, Erling Mylius) in collaboration with Saks Film and Entertainment and TV 2 (Norway), 1994. Around 400,000 viewers followed the series in December 1994, and it has since been broadcast anew in 1996, 2003, 2008 and 2012. It was based on the Danish series The Julekalender from 1991, which also inspired a Finnish version in 1997. The original concept and script of the series, as well as its numerous songs came from the Danish trio of De Nattergale (Carsten Knudsen, Uffe Rødbæk Madsen and Viggo Sommer). The characters spoke Norwenglish, a pidgin of English and Norwegian. The series consisted of 24 episodes (for each day until Christmas), and its production crew came from Trondheim, Norway.

The Julekalender - Characters - Netflix

Nåså – greedy vampires wearing business suits and obsessed with money and wealth, they look human until they drink alcohol and reveal their real form, huge glasses and sharp teeth. Benny Jensen – a travelling salesman (or so he claims) from who turns out to be a nåså. There is also a large clash between the two different ways of life (as Benny comes to move in with Olaf and Gjeretrud in episode 5, as his car runs out of petrol, punctures, breaks down completely, and then gets stolen, supposedly by “Polish mafia”).

Nisses – mischievous Christmas gnomes/elves. Good old gammel nok (Arve Opsahl) – literally good old old enough, the oldest and wisest nisse, who will die unless someone finds the winding key to the play dåse, a music box. Hansi, Fritz and Günther (Travellin' Strawberrys) – the three bravest nisses, who undertake this quest.

Olaf and Gjertud Sand – a couple of highly stereotypical Trøndere (People from Trøndelag) that the same three actors also play: Olaf and Gjertrud Sand, a country bumpkin couple that live and work on a potato farm with their dog Kvikk. Olaf and Gjertrud speak with a broad rural (Trønder) accent, often leading to Benny misunderstanding what they say.

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