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Posted by Editor on Sun 23 June 2019

The amazing adventure begins in the mid-21st century, as humankind expands its undersea colonization efforts and a tenuous world peace is enforced by the United Earth Oceans (UEO). In order to protect the fledgling underwater colonies from unknown dangers and hostile invaders lurking in the depths of Earth's last frontier, the UEO recruits Captain Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider) to command the high-tech battle submarine seaQuest and its diverse and eclectic crew.

seaQuest DSV - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1993-09-12

seaQuest DSV - List of seaQuest DSV episodes - Netflix

This is the complete list of seaQuest DSV episodes. In all, there are 57 episodes, with two of them originally being two-hour television movies. If the two multi-part episodes that were aired as continuous two-hour episodes (“To Be or Not to Be” and “Daggers”) are counted as single one-hour episodes then the total number of episodes is 59. The series was titled “seaQuest DSV” for its first two seasons and renamed “seaQuest 2032” for the third season. seaQuest DSV first aired on September 12, 1993 with “To Be or Not to Be” and initially ended abruptly with the episode “Splashdown” and then concluded with the extra season and finishing on June 9, 1996 with “Weapons of War”.

seaQuest DSV - Summary of series - Netflix

In “the near future” (beginning in the year 2018), the series follows the adventures of the high-tech submarine seaQuest DSV 4600. Funded by the United States government and other private loans, the seaQuest was the largest submarine to ever travel the seas. Designed by navy captain Nathan Bridger, the seaQuest was originally designed as a military vessel. However, following the death of his son Robert during a global war in the early 21st century, Bridger retires from the service and retreats to an island somewhere in the Yucatán Peninsula. Devoting the majority of his time to science, Bridger rescued a dolphin, whom he named Darwin, from a fisherman's net in a lagoon. He attempted to develop a form of verbal communication between Humans and dolphins, but eventually tried to develop a series of hand signals. During his self-imposed exile on the island, Bridger's wife, Carol, also dies, leaving him totally alone. Following the “Livingston Trench Incident” in which the world was almost plunged into a nuclear war, the seaQuest was left without a captain. The ship was recalled to drydock and refitted to become less of a military force and more of an exploration and research vessel. Realizing that the ship needed a captain that had not been “sitting with his finger on the trigger”, the new United Earth Oceans Organization (or UEO) recruits Bridger to assume command of the boat he designed.

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