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At first, Takayuki Narumi is befriended by Mitsuki Hayase only because Mitsuki's best friend, Haruka Suzumiya has a crush on him; however since then, Takayuki, his pal Shinji Taira, and Mitsuki have grown to be the best of friends. Then one day, Haruka confesses to Takayuki her love for him. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Takayuki agrees to go out with her. After a few incidents, their relationship gets intimate, even while Takayuki and Mitsuki begin to realize their feelings for each other. But when tragedy strikes, things are never the same for these four friends again.

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Rumbling Hearts - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2003-10-05

Rumbling Hearts - List of Rumbling Hearts episodes - Netflix

The Rumbling Hearts animated television series is based on the visual novel by the Japanese software company âge. The episodes, produced by animation studio Studio Fantasia, are directed by Tetsuya Watanabe, with character designs by Yoko Kikuchi. The story follows the main character Takayuki Narumi, and his relationships with his schoolmates Haruka Suzumiya and Mitsuki Hayase. Fourteen episodes were produced for the Rumbling Hearts series, broadcast between October 2003 and January 2004. They were released by Media Factory in Japan as a set of seven DVD collections between February and August 2004, with each DVD containing two episodes. The series was later released as a DVD box set in December 2007, and as a Blu-ray box-set in February 2012. Funimation licensed, localized and distributed the series in three volumes with an English dub, released between December 2006 and March 2007. A complete box set was released in August 2007, while a complete series collection was released in August 2008. An OVA series titled Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~, produced by Brain's Base and directed by Hideki Takayama, was released in four editions between December 2007 and December 2008, featuring most of the same cast but following an alternate retelling to the series.

Rumbling Hearts - Ayumayu Gekijou - Netflix

A comedy ONA titled Ayumayu Gekijou that was broadcast from September 2006 to January 2007 on Kiminozo Radio's homepage. The main characters are SD versions of Ayu and Mayu and various other characters from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Muv-Luv. The series contains many references to Muv-Luv (for example, in the second episode, Ayu uses an S-11 SDS and Haruka is turned into a 00 Unit) and the fourth episode is little more than a parody of Muv-Luv Alternative. The series' main theme is “Koi no Bakudan Deito” (恋の爆弾でいと) by UYAMUYA, while the song “Carry On” by Masaaki Endou is used as an insert song.

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