En Immersion - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Wed 19 June 2019

Michel Serrero is an unambitious cop and single father in Paris. Following a series of powerful hallucinations that have been plaguing him and interrupting his otherwise uneventful life, he gets the diagnosis. It's bleak. He is suffering from an incurable and fatal neurological disease.

With nothing left to lose now, Michel goes on a tear when a colleague humiliates him for the umpteenth time, and does something completely out of character: he joins a team of undercover narcotics agents led by the charismatic, demanding, and aptly-nicknamed La Reine, working to bring down Guillaume Leanour.

En Immersion - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-07

En Immersion - Swimming-induced pulmonary edema - Netflix

Swimming induced pulmonary edema (SIPE), also known as immersion pulmonary edema, occurs when fluids from the blood leak abnormally from the small vessels of the lung (pulmonary capillaries) into the airspaces (alveoli). SIPE usually occurs during exertion in conditions of water immersion, such as swimming and diving. With the recent surge in popularity of triathlons and swimming in open water events there has been an increasing incidence of SIPE. It has been reported in scuba divers, apnea (breath hold) free-diving competitors combat swimmers, and triathletes. The causes are incompletely understood at the present time.

En Immersion - Management - Netflix

Management has generally been reported to be conservative, though deaths have been reported. Removal from water Observation Diuretics and / or Oxygen when necessary Episodes are generally self-limiting in the absence of other medical problems

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