American Grilled - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Thu 20 June 2019

American Grilled pits grill masters from various backgrounds against one another in the ultimate outdoor cooking challenge. Host and renowned chef David Guas is turning up the heat on grillers across America as they compete for a \$10,000 cash prize and bragging rights. Four contestants test their epic backyard skills by serving up delicious and original plates that skillfully showcase the grill and embrace the amazing local flavors.

American Grilled - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-07-02

American Grilled - Grilled (Breaking Bad) - Netflix

“Grilled” is the second episode of the second season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad. It was written by George Mastras and directed by Charles Haid. This episode marks the final appearance of Raymond Cruz.

American Grilled - Plot summary - Netflix

Having been kidnapped by a crazed Tuco, Walt and Jesse are held prisoner in a desert hideout where he takes care of his sick uncle, the seemingly-mute Hector Salamanca. Hector was once a drug kingpin but now is incapacitated because of a stroke, but can communicate with a desk bell. Hank and the DEA have rounded up Tuco's entire organization, and Tuco thinks that one of his associates ratted him out. He intends to keep Walt and Jesse in the compound until his cousins take them all across the border to Mexico. Hank, meanwhile, takes a bit of time off to look for Walt. Skyler is sick with worry and has been distributing handbills with Walt's photo. Hank remembers that Jesse Pinkman was Walt's source of marijuana and tries to track him down. Walt tries unsuccessfully to poison a burrito Tuco prepares with the ricin he has prepared; Hector thwarts the attempt, prompting Tuco to lash out at Walt and Jesse. Tuco takes them outside and plans to kill them. Walt and Jesse manage to wound Tuco and escape. Hank shows up looking for Jesse, and is confronted by a wounded Tuco. A brief firefight ensues and Hank shoots Tuco dead.

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